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Meet the guys

Hi! We're 'Chromatix'. An award winning barbershop quartet based in the south of England. I'll introduce you to the fellas...
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LEAD - Tim Nuttall
This is our lead singer Tim. He sings the melody that the other three parts are built around.
Although relatively new to the barbershop world, he's already directing a successful male chorus in Bournemouth, AND he reached the semi finals of the 'National Quartet Contest' in 2017. Keep an eye out for this guy over the coming years. The sky is the limit.
Next up is our Bass, Mike. He sings the low notes that us mere mortals can't even dream of hitting.
Not only does he have oodles of experience but he has won a national gold medal AND is a professional singing coach and judge.
He can do it all (except hit a high note!)
BASS - Mike Taylor
Tenor - Jacob Carter
Then there's our tenor, Jacob. He's sings the high notes and, at the tender age of 20 he's the baby of our group, but what he lacks in age he more than makes up for in talent. He has an almost unlimited range and adds a sweetness to our overall sound.
He's an acting student in Bournemouth and has singing experience in both choral and theatre settings. Some people are too talented for their own good!
Last but not least is our Baritone, Dave. 
He sings the most unusual part, which adds some spice and depth to the sound of the quartet as a whole.
He's a talented musician, sportsman and artist, and works as a professional animator too!
Baritone - David Nuttall
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